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National Conference 2020

Yunjeong Hwang

Law Firm Jeongron

Featured • 13:00 • LIVE

Yunjeong Hwang

Law Firm Jeongron

Talk / Essential Legal Knowledge on Employment and Labor for Expat Teachers

My presentation will aim to provide legal knowledge on employment for the teachers at the conference. I’d like to discuss employment issues from making an employment contract to unpaid wages and unfair dismissal based on the Labor Standards Act, Civil Act and other relevant laws and rules.

First, during my presentation, several points that an employee needs to keep in mind when drafting an employment agreement will be mentioned. Also, I’m going to introduce examples of unfair clauses that are often put into the employment agreement.

Second, as for unpaid wages, I’ll introduce the way of reporting it with a labor office, and how the process goes during the investigation. It will be also mentioned that the labor office may investigate the case, confirm the unpaid amount and send the case to the prosecutor’s office to make the employer penalized, but the process itself is different and separate from civil suit for claiming the money shall be paid.

Third, unfair dismissal will also be one of the subjects of my presentation. I’ll suggest what ‘unfair’ means reviewing Supreme Court precedents and how to prove the dismissal is unfair. I’ll also explain how to file for a remedy for unfair dismissal with the Regional Labor Commission and how the proceedings will go. Legal issues for unfair dismissal that should be paid attention to will be also covered.

About Yunjeong

Hwang, Yunjeong is an attorney at Korean law, who mainly deals with Family Law, Labor and Employment Law, and International Transactions. Ms. Hwang has extensive experience in offering legal counselling to expats in Korea on a variety of legal issues, as she provides English language legal services for expats in Korea and for foreign nationals of other countries involved with Korean legal issues, in addition to maintaining her Korean client base. Because of her well-established competence in international divorce suits, she’s often sought out by international couples in Korea as legal counsel. In order to protect client assets and rights, Ms. Hwang uses various strategies--including pre-emptive mediation and negotiation; along with preservative measures such as provisional attachments and injunctions, as necessary. She has also been actively involved as a legal advisor in the establishment of joint venture corporations involving foreign investors, and has handled the drafting of all relevant agreements between parties.