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National Conference 2020

Roger Fusselman

Joongbu University, Goyang Campus

Zoom • Material Design • 15:00 • LIVE

Roger Fusselman

Joongbu University, Goyang Campus

Talk / Maximizing Creativity When Planning Lessons

Creativity can solve the many problems teachers may face, but being creative can be difficult when teachers feel burdened by the curricular and institutional pressures of their work. How does a teacher take command of materials and curriculum and become one’s most creative self?

The principles illustrated in the workshop focus on four skills: seeing the world with an integrative frame of mind, using specific values to fuel your subconscious, applying techniques for advancing one’s ideas further, and framing the process so that mental blocks occur less often. Each of these domains is broken down into separate principles, with exercises and discussion. Examples given are derived from and applicable to teaching kindergarten, university, and levels in between. The goal is to fuel the teacher’s next adventure into creative planning.

Note: Because of the online challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19, there is a greater focus added to this presentation using examples from online work experience.

About Roger

Roger Fusselman is a longtime active member of KOTESOL and an active participator and speaker at its chapters and conferences. He currently teaches at Joongbu University, Goyang Campus, but has taught at Sookmyung Women’s University, the University of Ulsan, and Seoul National University of Education, along with eight years of experience teaching young learners and others at academies in Korea. Roger is a performer and practice leader in Seoul City Improv and a prominent speaker, officer, and educator in Korea Toastmasters, District 93.