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National Conference 2020


Big names, Bigger ideas

Plenary Speaker

Tomomi Kumai

Creating a Safe Space for Transformation

Raising Intercultural Awareness for Language Teachers and Learners

Language education takes place in the context of culture. Language educators do not only support the learners to achieve linguistic competence in the target language but also intercultural competence to communicate effectively and appropriately in a different cultural context. In order to nurture intercultural competence, a safe intercultural space is needed for it allows more sharing and learning, which then invite more positive changes and transformation to happen. Read more →

Tomomi Kumai is an intercultural coach based in South Korea. She works in the intercultural services and education field serving expatriates, international students, and nationals in the US, Korea, and Japan. Her clients include universities in Japan and Korea, and multinational corporations in various fields such as automotive, financial, and information technology.

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